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S+I Research Seminar – Michael Kvist Svangren

Title: Ph.D. Plan: Cars as Digital Artefacts in Digital Eco-Systems

Abstract: Over the last decades, we have witnessed a significant and rapid development of the digitalization of private cars. We currently use various interactive technologies to control car settings, such as temperature or cruise controls, while embedded car systems monitor our driving and driving performance, such as fuel consumption or driver fatigue alarms. Furthermore, as the car is becoming more digital and connected, it is increasingly being used and interacted with through other devices, e.g. using smartphones to control charging of electric cars.

Cars is now digital devices that are connected to other digital devices rather than being used as individual ones and these networks connect to other’s devices in different ways than we did a few years ago. One way we refer to these devices is as digital artefacts, which are devices with some level of interactivity enabled by digital technology. We now see entire digital eco-systems of digital artefacts that are interconnected. This facilitates and to some extend requires the design of interactive systems that spans across more devices, which increasingly is also the case for not only the car itself, but also technology and systems that are part of the eco-systems it belongs to.

To our knowledge, there have been no systematic HCI research studies on cars as digital artefacts in digital eco-systems, and what challenges and opportunities lie ahead, despite the fact that development and research with cars is already under way. This Ph.D. project tries to expand our knowledge in the area as to how we can design interactive systems and devices for cars in digital eco-systems.

Where and When: Room 0.2.11, 28 of October 2016, 13:00-14:00

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S+I Research Seminar – Elefteris Papachristos

Title: Well-being and Connectedness

Abstract: There is a growing interest for the topic of well-being in the HCI community primarily fueled by developments in field of Positive Psychology. In the last decade HCI research has shifted the focus of attention from functionality and usability to the experiential. It seems to me that the question that will dominate HCI in the future will be one of purpose (i.e. does technology promote well-being or happiness?). In this presentation I will provide a short introduction of findings in Positive Psychology relevant to HCI research with special focus on connectedness which is one of the recognized factors influencing well-being. Finally, I will describe my first steps into this new research field investigating whether technology could help people improve their feeling of connectedness.

Where and When: Room 0.2.15, 14 of October 2016, 09:30-10:30

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Cross-Device Interaction Techniques paper accepted at MoMM 2016

Jeni, Dimitrios, Jesper and their students got their research work accepted at MoMM 2016


In recent years there has been an increasing interest in cross-device interaction research involving mobile computing. We contribute to this research with a comparative study of four interaction techniques for moving information from a mobile device to a large display. The four techniques (Pinch, Swipe, Throw, and Tilt) were compared through a laboratory experiment with 53 participants, measuring their effectiveness, efficiency and error size. Findings from the experiment revealed that the Swipe technique performed best on all measures. In terms of effectiveness, the Tilt technique performed the worst, and especially so with small targets. In terms of efficiency and error size, the Pinch technique was the slowest and also the most imprecise. We also found that target size mattered considerably for all techniques, confirming previous research. Based on our findings we discuss why the individual techniques performed as observed, and discuss implications for using mobile devices in cross-device interaction design.

Paay, J., Raptis, D., Kjeldskov, J., Lauridsen, B.M., Penchev, I.S., Ringhauge, E., and Ruder, E.V. 2016. A Comparison of Techniques for Cross-Device Interaction from Mobile Devices to Large Displays. In Proc. MoMM 2016, (to appear).


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New Cool Paper published at BIT journal

Dimitrios, Anders, Jesper and Mikael published their work on converging coolness at Behaviour & Information Technology journal.

Recently a number of studies appeared that operationalised coolness and explored its relation to digital products. Literature suggests that perceived coolness is another factor of user experience, and this adds to an existing explosion of dimensions related to aesthetics, hedonic quality, pragmatic quality, attractiveness, etc. A critical challenge highlighted in prior research is to study the relationships among those factors and so far, no studies have empirically examined the relationship between coolness and other established user experience factors. In this paper, we address this challenge by presenting two studies one that focuses on factors from two cool questionnaires, and one that compares them against existing User eXperience (UX) factors. Our findings show that factors from the two cool questionnaires converge and they also converge to existing, established UX factors. Thus, 11 distinct cool and UX factors converge into 5 for the case of mobile devices. Our findings are important for researchers, as we demonstrate through a validated model that coolness is part of UX research, as well as for practitioners, by developing a questionnaire that can reliably measure both perceived inner and outer coolness as well as the overall coolness judgement based on 5 factors and 21 items.

Raptis, D., Bruun, A., Kjeldskov, J., and Skov, M.B. (2016) Converging coolness and investigating its relation to user experience. Behaviour & Information Technology.

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New demonstrator page

A new page has been created that contains our different demo projects. The page can be accessed from the menu at si.aau.dk or from this link.

If you have a project that you would like to be added to that page, please talk to Kvist.

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S+I Research Seminar – Espen Skorve

Title: A brief presentation of me and my research (interests)

Abstract: In this short presentation I will provide an overview of my background and research interests. In particular, I will focus on the information infrastructure perspective and I will present the genAP project, where I was involved in my previous postdoc. Finally, I will also discuss what I hope to achieve during my stay in the IS group.

Where and When: Room 0.2.15, 30 of September 2016, 09:30-10:30

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Useful Business Cases: Value creation in IS projects

John and Peter got an article accepted for publication in the European Journal of Information Systems (among the 8 most prestigious IS journals known as the Basket-of-8).

Abstract: Business cases have become popular as part of managing value creation in IS projects. Nevertheless, business cases are often poorly linked to value creation activities and organizations struggle to develop business cases that are useful and express more than simple cost savings. This action research study seeks to improve the usefulness of business cases in IS projects. We used collaborative action research with Danish municipalities to improve their practices when developing and using business cases and to change their perceptions of what constitutes a good business case that is useful during implementation and value creation. This article presents lessons learned from our action research, lessons that we incorporated into a business case method and subsequently evaluated with IS managers. There are three lessons on: (1) improving the content of business cases, (2) how to develop business cases, and (3) the use of business cases in subsequent value creation. These lessons summarize our findings and the contributions are that we in the business case method propose to: (1) include minimal contents, (2) develop social commitment, and (3) structure for dynamic use during value creation. We discuss the lessons and contributions related to research on IS business cases and value creation.

Reference: Nielsen, PA & Persson, JS 2016, ‘Useful Business Cases: Value Creation in IS Projects’ European Journal of Information Systems. [Link]

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Transitory Search paper presented at mobile HCI

Greetings from Florence – hope you are enjoying Friday S+I bread

Jeni presenting the paper on Transitory Search” at Mobile HCI in Florence.


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