The research centre is responsible for several projects in many different areas within HCI and Information Systems. Below you will find descriptions of selected projects.



Project: TotalFlex

To be able to study the concept of shifting in a domestic setting, we designed and implemented HeatDial – a prototype that enables electrical heat pump owners to set the inside temperature of their house and discover the tradeoffs between comfort and cost. Electrical heat pumps make an interesting use case for studying eco-interactions
beyond user scheduling for several reasons. Firstly, to produce heat, heat pumps use a considerable large volume of electricity. Secondly, although they harness this electricity effectively, they become a more attractive green alternative, if the electricity utilized is produced from renewable resources. Lastly, as it is possible to externally control the heat pump, we can intelligently control the running times of the heat pump.



Project: Clines

Memento is a locative smartwatch application for caregivers practicing spontaneous reminiscence therapy with people suffering from dementia. Reminiscence therapy can enhance the sense of identity of a person with dementia by activating competences from their past through conversations. We all have “triggers” – objects, people, events – that resurrect memories and remind us who we are, and what we know. Caregivers with multiple people in their care have difficulty remembering specific memory triggers for each individual while engaging in casual conversations with them. Memento overcomes this problem by connecting proximate triggers to nearby residents and subtly displaying relevant stories on the caregiver’s smartwatch. This information helps the caregiver engage in meaningful conversations on topics dear to the resident. A field study, involving a care home resident with dementia, Ester, demonstrated how Memento successfully instilled confidence during everyday activities, by helping her remember past competencies through situated conversations with a caregiver.



Project: Clines

BikeCruzer is an app that is intended to help tourists find their way round the city. The app collects and presents different kinds of information that is relevant for people that explores the city on bike. Link to homepage.



Project: TotalFlex

eForecast is based on the two first stages of Riche et al., (2010) framework for facilitating sustainable behavior: raising awareness and informing complex changes. To raise awareness eForecast display information about the household’s past electricity consumption pattern, which is very similar to other eco-feedback displays. To inform complex changes eForecast display forecasts about future electricity consumption as well as forecasts about price, availability of green energy, and grid demand. Providing such additional information is relatively new in relation to eco-feedback displays, and enables the user to assess and predict the past and future electricity consumption patterns of the household.

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