The research centre

The Research Centre for Socio-Interactive Design sees its primary goal as conducting and promoting research that integrates both the social and the interactive aspects of IT artefacts and services. S+I is between design and use and at the same time between processes and artefacts & services.

The researchers in the centre are concerned with how to bridge the gaps between the four quadrants: the processes through which artefacts & services are designed; processes through which artefacts & services are used; the designed artefacts & services; and the use of the artefacts & services. The research is always with on two legs and favours both the features of interactive artefacts & services being studied and the social whether it is as a social context for the use of artefacts or it is as social process being studied.

The research methods applied are primarily empirical with a strong flavour of experiment and intervention ranging from experimental field and laboratory studies over design research to action research.

Examples of research in the centre encompass:

  • Design of mobile interaction with a focus on the social context where the artefacts are being used.
  • Creativity and innovation as social processes.
  • Creativity and innovation as interaction design.
  • Design processes in a social perspective.
  • Use of IT in the public sector.
  • Agile development processes.
  • Usability evaluation in a social context.
  • Distributed design teams.

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