S+I Research Seminar – Michael Kvist Svangren

Title: Ph.D. Plan: Cars as Digital Artefacts in Digital Eco-Systems

Abstract: Over the last decades, we have witnessed a significant and rapid development of the digitalization of private cars. We currently use various interactive technologies to control car settings, such as temperature or cruise controls, while embedded car systems monitor our driving and driving performance, such as fuel consumption or driver fatigue alarms. Furthermore, as the car is becoming more digital and connected, it is increasingly being used and interacted with through other devices, e.g. using smartphones to control charging of electric cars.

Cars is now digital devices that are connected to other digital devices rather than being used as individual ones and these networks connect to other’s devices in different ways than we did a few years ago. One way we refer to these devices is as digital artefacts, which are devices with some level of interactivity enabled by digital technology. We now see entire digital eco-systems of digital artefacts that are interconnected. This facilitates and to some extend requires the design of interactive systems that spans across more devices, which increasingly is also the case for not only the car itself, but also technology and systems that are part of the eco-systems it belongs to.

To our knowledge, there have been no systematic HCI research studies on cars as digital artefacts in digital eco-systems, and what challenges and opportunities lie ahead, despite the fact that development and research with cars is already under way. This Ph.D. project tries to expand our knowledge in the area as to how we can design interactive systems and devices for cars in digital eco-systems.

Where and When: Room 0.2.11, 28 of October 2016, 13:00-14:00

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