Successful Seminar by Dr Keith Cheverst

The S+I seminar on  “Exploring the design and use of public situated displays for supporting sense of community in a rural village”  was a great success. The audience heard of Keith’s exploration of the ways in which a situated digital display deployment has been able to support and forster notions of community in a rural community in the village of Wray, in the north of England. Their approach was to follow a user centered design process in order to engage the community as much as possible with the design and development of the technology deployment/development. Their methodology can also be viewed as closely aligned to ethnographic action research and utilised design workshops, focus groups, cultural and technology probes. During development the research team took explicit steps, such as the implementation of  appropriate content moderation mechanisms, in order to provide the community with a sense of ownership over the deployment and associated content (which includes both photos and local news and advertisements).

Of great interest to the audience was the longitudinal nature of the study and how relations have been maintained and how the project will continue in the future.

Amongst the anecdotes shared with us was an interesting story about “Scarecrow Porn” – but you had to be there!

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