S+I Research Seminar – Eleftherios Papachristos

Title: Visual Design Evaluation Techniques

Abstract: The importance of aesthetics in web design and other interactive artifacts has been demonstrated by several studies in recent years. My curiosity about the aesthetic judgment formation and my interest to understand the consequences of good or bad visual design was the main driving force that initiated me to academic research. In this seminar I will share with you some of my research attempts and findings in the general field of Interface Aesthetics. More specifically I will focus on my research regarding visual design evaluation techniques. During my PhD I developed and tested a method that visualizes the results of subjective user ratings for multiple designs through Multivariate Statistical techniques. From a statistical point of view, the identification of important design factors in real world artifacts that vary on multiple aspects is inherently difficult and cannot be attempted with classical regression or covariate analysis. The data analysis method I proposed in my PhD is an adaptation of Perceptual Mapping which allows for the identification of important design aspects in specific design domains as well as diversity in aesthetic judgment by the creation of two or three dimensional visualizations. These visualizations can be used for the identification of homogenous groups of users with similarities in terms of preferences towards designs as well as for detecting the relative importance of specific key design attributes. In four of my studies I have also explored the possibility to link descriptive data (e.g. symmetry, complexity) from various sources (novice users, trained panel, objective measures) with user provided preference data. The results of these studies demonstrate that the reality of user responses towards visual design is much more complex than suggested by computational models or universalistic theories about Interface aesthetics. I will conclude my presentation with a discussion on future research directions.

Where and When: Room 0.2.15, 19th February 2016, 09:30-10:30

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