S+I Research Seminar – Jeni Paay

Title: Exploring Social NUIs

This talk presents a number of explorations of interaction design for social natural user interaction. This includes looking at social NUIs in respect to natural user interactions in a social context as explored through my ongoing research and in collaboration with the Social NUI Microsoft Research Centre at The University of Melbourne. Key enablers include physical space, 3D technology and gestural interaction. I illustrate these enablers through three case studies of facilitating for social natural user interaction in support of distributed group collaboration, eye contact over video, and tele-rehabilitation. Based on the lessons learned from these I outline a proposed research programme aiming at supporting physiotherapy at home. SNUI technologies hold great opportunity to enhance current tele-rehabilitation systems to improve health outcomes and maintain a “between-visit” relationship between clinician and patient.

Where and When: Room 0.2.15, 29th of October 2015, 12:00-13:00

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