S+I Research Seminar – Peter Axel Nielsen

Adapting Dashboards: Dashing or Disasterous?

16th October 2015, 9:30-10:30, in 0.2.90.

In this talk I will take a starting point in a piece of research we did with a small agile software company, Adapt. A particular challenge was how to provide overview for project manager of complex and complicated tasks. We did consider a solution be to design a dashboard to provide an appropriate overview. This was in part realized in the generic tool Jira. However, it opens a discussion of what a dashboard is and how a dashboard can be designed – not only for Adapt but generally for a class of problems. I then tough upon existing dashboard designs and on research on dashboards and discussed they key features. The ambition is to develop a design theory of dashboards, and a first step towards such a theory has been to find inspiration in several previous research projects looking for minimalist constructs that could guide design. I will end with a rough sketch of a design theory, apply that to an overall idea of a dashboard for a risk management tool, and suggest a research design for refining the design theory.

Slides: Research-Dashboards


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