S+I Research Seminar – Peter Lyle

Peter Lyle, a member of the Urban Informatics Research Lab, in the School of Design at Queensland University of Technology is visiting our research group. His research interests sit at the intersection of computing and social interaction, with a focus on food and agriculture. Peter’s PhD study was connected to a project titled ‘Eat, Cook, Grow: Ubiquitous Technology for Sustainable Food Culture Attitudes in the City’ and in his PhD study, he focused on supporting HCI practitioners to engage with food growing communities.

Some of his representative publications are:

  • Lyle, P., Choi, J.H., and Foth, M. 2013. HCI for City Farms: Design Challenges and Opportunities. In Proc. Interact 2013, 109-116.
  • Hearn, G., Collie, N., Lyle, P., Choi, J.H., and Foth, M. 2014. Using communicative ecology theory to scope the emerging role of social media in the evolution of urban food systems. Futures, 62, B, 202-212.
  • Lyle, P., Choi, J.H., and Foth, M. 2016. Design patterns for urban gardening. Citizen’s Right to the Digital City: Urban Interfaces, Activism, and Placemaking, (in press).

When and Where:
Thursday, October 1st, 10:00-12:00, Room 5.2.32: We present to Peter some of our research activities as a group
Thursday, October 1st, 14.30-15.30, Room 0.2.15: Peter gives us a presentation on his research work

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