Honourable Mention at CHI 2014

In April 2014, Jeni Paay was co-author on a paper that received the Honourable Mention (top 5%) Award at CHI 2014 in Vancouver, Canada. “Never Too Old: Engaging Retired People Inventing the Future with MaKey MaKey” was written about a research project collaboratively conducted between the S+I research group and some of the HCI greats from around the world, Prof Yvonne Rogers (UK), Prof Gary Marsden (SAfrica), Prof Margot Brereton (AUS), Assoc Prof Frank Vetere (AUS), and Kate Vaisutis (AUS). The project took a unique approach to designing with the elderly by reframing their relationship with technology in terms of wisdom, creativity and invention. We ran a series of workshops where groups of retirees, aged between early 60s and late 80s, used the MaKey MaKey inventor’s toolkit to think about inventing the future and suggesting ideas for new technologies. They not only rose to the challenge but mastered the technology, collaborated intensely together while discussing their relationship with technology. It was a joy to be a part of this project and was made possible through a sabbatical visit to Melbourne University, Australia, where it was initiated.

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