Paper presented at OZCHI 2013

The paper “Promoting Pro-environmental Behaviour: a tale of two systems” authored by Jeni Paay, Jesper Kjeldskov, Mikael Skov, Rahuvaran Pathmanathan, and Jon Pearce was presented at OZCHI in December 2013 by Jeni and Jesper. It was a comparative story about the two studies done by Varan during his 9th semester in Australia and his 10th semester in Denmark. The two systems included a Smart Watering mobile application for Melbourne, Australia and an Electricity Consumption monitoring mobile app for Northern Jutland, Denmark. A comparison of the two studies discovered eight overarching persuaders to sustainable domestic resource consumption. The fact that these concepts were common to both studies strengthened their generalisability. The contribution of this paper to HCI was these eight key concepts to consider when designing mobile persuasive technology to promote pro-environmental behaviour. The paper was well received.

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