Cool paper presented at OzCHI 2013

Contributing to Dimitrios’s PhD, this paper, written by Dimitrios, Jesper and Mikael, is in short a literature review of coolness. The term coolness has recently appeared in a number of HCI publications, which suggested that coolness is a quality that people experience while interacting with products and that it should be explored while designing and evaluating digital artifacts. Our paper contributes to a better understanding of the term by presenting the fundamental attributes of coolness, as they emerged from a literature review.

Raptis, D., Kjeldskov, J., and Skov, M.B. (2013) Understanding “Cool” in Human-Computer Interaction Research and Design. Proceedings of OzCHI 2013. ACM Press, New York, pp. 53-62.

Abstract. Recently a discussion has been initiated on what is cool and how HCI can use the concept in practice and design for it. This paper aims to provide a better understanding on cool as a concept from a theoretical and a practical perspective. From the theoretical perspective, we selected the HCI papers that focus on cool and we present their core findings. Then we performed a literature review on the concept of cool and we have identified its fundamental characteristics, through cool personalities and cool styles. From a practical perspective, we have studied how other domains have managed to successfully produce cool objects and we provide four suggestions on how to design cool digital artifacts. Finally, in this paper we also identify possible research directions in relation to cool, which if we manage to address we can increase our understanding on what is user experience and this can lead to the creation of better digital artifacts. Overall, this paper is a contribution towards researching and designing for cool, a research topic, which we believe it will initiate fruitful discussions in the HCI field.



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