Paper accepted for the Behaviour & Information Technology Journal

S+I has successfully published a paper in Behavior & Information Technology Journal. The paper presents research findings on the effect of a mobile device on the evaluation results of mobile applications in laboratory conditions. The study showed that users are significantly affected by the attractiveness of a mobile device while they are asked to express their opinion for a mobile application by filling in questionnaires.

Raptis, D., Papachristos  E., Kjeldskov, J., Skov, M.B., and Avouris, N. (2013) Studying the effect of perceived hedonic mobile device quality on user experience evaluations of mobile applications. Behaviour & Information Technology. Taylor & Francis.

Abstract. When people interact with digital artifacts they perceive their pragmatic and hedonic qualities. In the case of interacting with mobile devices and applications users seek utility as they try to satisfy certain needs, but at the same time they have certain feelings and emotions when, for example, they feel attached to their personal phone and/or trust its brand. Due to this strong relation between users and mobile devices a significant problem occurs when researchers want to evaluate the user experience of a mobile application in laboratory settings: the selection of an appropriate mobile device. Towards this end, this paper aims to unveil the effect of perceived hedonic quality of a mobile device on the user experience evaluation results of an application. Our results show that the perceived hedonic quality of a mobile device significantly affected the perceived pragmatic quality of the application, but not the hedonic one.

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