Full paper accepted for UbiComp 2014

For the first time ever S+I have had a paper accepted for the UbiComp conference. This is a confereence that we have wanted to publish at for a long time, and have tried submitting to a few times. This year Henrik Sørensen and Dimitris Raptis finally made it happen – with a bit of supervision and revisions from Mikael and Jesper.

The paper presents a framework for multi-device interaction in digital ecosystems and merges Henrik’s PhD work with Dimitris’ thinking and prior work on digital ecologies.

The paper will be presented by Henrik at the UbiComp conference in Seattle in September.

Sørensen H., Raptis D., Kjeldskov J., and Skov, M.B. (2014) The 4C Framework: Principles of Interaction in Digital Ecosystems. Proceedings of UbiComp 2014, September 13-17, Seattle, USA. ACM Press.

Abstract. Recent years have seen an increased research interest in multi-device interactions and digital ecosystems. This research addresses new opportunities and challenges when users are not simply interacting with one system or device at a time, but orchestrate ensembles of them as a larger whole. One of these challenges is to understand what principles of interaction work well for what, and to create such knowledge in a form that can inform design. Our contribution to this research is a framework of interaction principles for digital ecosystems, which can be used to analyze and understand existing systems and design new ones. The 4C framework provides new insights over existing frameworks and theory by focusing specifically on explaining the interactions taking place within digital ecosystems. We demonstrate this value through two examples of the framework in use, firstly for understanding an existing digital ecosystem, and secondly for generating ideas and discussion when designing a new one.

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