A longitudinal review of Mobile HCI research Methods

Paper at Mobile HCI 2012.

Jeni and Jesper has published a follow-up study on research methods in Mobile HCI. Like the first study with Connor Graham it reviews current methods and purposes through a comprehensive literature study. The paper was presented at the Mobile HCI 2012 conference in San Francisco in September followed by a panel discussion on the topic.

Kjeldskov J. and Paay J (2012) A longitudinal review of Mobile HCI research Methods. Proceedings of Mobile HCI 2012, September 21-24, San Francisco, USA. ACM Press, pp. 69-78.


This paper revisits a research methods survey from 2003 and contrasts it with a survey from 2010. The motivation is to gain insight about how mobile HCI research has evolved over the last decade in terms of approaches and focus. The paper classifies 144 publications from 2009 published in 10 prominent outlets by their research methods and purpose. Comparing this to the survey for 2000-02 show that mobile HCI research has changed methodologically. From being almost exclusively driven by engineering and applied research, current mobile HCI is primarily empirically driven, involves a high number of field studies, and focus on evaluating and understanding, as well as engineering. It has also become increasingly multi-methodological, combining and diversifying methods from different disciplines. At the same time, new opportunities and challenges have emerged.

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