HCC Research Seminar / Jesper Kjeldskov / 23rd March

Jesper Kjeldskov
23rd March 9:30-10:30 in 0.2.15

The connected digital music ecosystem (DigiMUSE)

In this HCC seminar, I will present some of the ideas from the DigiMUSE project proposal, which was shortlisted for an AAU strategy grant. Music is a central fabric of society, connecting us across age, culture, geography, and other divides. An important aspect of enabling connected societies with ICT is, therefore, to work with our music industry on its digital transformation towards a contemporary and sustainable industry 4.0. Such transformation can happen by fully embracing ICT for connecting artists, technology and service providers, distributors, and consumers in new ways, that are profitable and valuable, and sustainable for all. However, the knowledge and tools for achieving this do not yet exist. In response, we ask how can we enable a sustainable digital ecosystem for community-driven creation, distribution and consumption of music and new music expressions and experiences? This is essentially a “wicked problem” requiring interdisciplinary research, as possible solutions will have to involve new combined knowledge for the world within technology, art/media, and business, juxtaposing the challenges and opportunities offered by these. Specifically, our core idea is to emancipate and change the creation, distribution, consumption, and expression/experience of music by conceiving and deploying new ICT-enabled systems, methods, and business models of a “connected digital music ecosystem”.

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