S+I Research Seminar: Stine Schmieg Lundgaard

Title: HCI challenges for human-building interaction.

Abstract: The fields of HCI and architecture are, to an increasing degree, intertwined. Using terms such as smart buildings or human-building interaction, interaction designers and architects are integrating digital technologies with our built environment. In this presentation, I talk about my current findings and reflections from an ongoing literature review within this field. Specifically, I will introduce my academic and professional background followed by an overview of key publications in the field of human-building interaction. I will conclude with my reflections on those publications which I hope will set the foundation for a constructive discussion on particular areas this could be explored.
Currently, I am aiming at submitting a paper from the literature review to TOCHI where a special call for papers on human-building interaction has been issued. Link to call: https://tochi.acm.org/category/call-for-papers/

Where and When: Room 0.2.15, 20 of October 2017, 09:30-10:30

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