S+I Research Seminar: Vasiliki Tsaknaki

Title: Exploring preciousness for interaction design, by engaging in crafting, as a particular approach and attitude towards materiality and making.

Abstract: Practice-based design research in the interaction design domain can contribute with studying the many facets involved in a making process, including materials, tools or methods applied, while at the same time it can inform how users engage, interact with, but also value interactive technology in the long term. In this presentation I will talk about some of my research studies, in which I have been engaged in crafting, as a particular approach and attitude towards making interactive artefacts. In particular, I will focus on how crafting allowed me to articulate and explore preciousness for interaction design, which arrives from the core attributes and values that are embedded in crafts, and especially from the three craft attributes of impermanence, incompleteness and imperfection. Elaborating on preciousness can provide a way of reflecting on crucial aspects that seem predominant in contemporary computing, but it can also be utilized as a practical resource to guide the design of new interactive designs.

Where and When: Room 0.2.15, 22 of September 2017, 09:30-10:30

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