Paper to be presented at ECIS 2017 in Portugal

On Saturday (June 10th) John will present a paper on the value positions in the Danish e-government strategies. The paper is co-authored with Espen, Peter and Anja Reinwald (Center for IT management, AAU).


Clarifying what value new information systems (IS) may help to create for government organizations and society is a central concern in the public sector. National e-government strategies present such efforts to clarify the value entailed by IS, however, what is considered valuable is influenced by value positions deeply enshrined in the traditions of public administration. We present a theory directed con-tent analysis of value positions in the national e-government strategy for Denmark published for the first time in 1994 and latest in 2016. Our comparison of the value positions in the two e-government strategies show consistency over time when looking at the ideals of professionalism, service, and efficiency. While the least dominant ideal of engagement, has declined. The 22-year timespan separating the development of these two strategies had major technological advances, but little transformational impact on Danish e-government strategies in their general value positions. We discuss how our findings contribute to previous research on values in e-government and have practical implications for working with e-government strategies.

Persson, J. S., Reinwald, A. K., Skorve, E., & Nielsen, P. A. (2017). Value Positions in E-government strategies: Something is (not) changing in the state of Denmark. In Proceedings of the  25th European Conference on Information Systems,  Guimarães, Portugal, pp. 1-14.

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