Provocation paper accepted at DIS 2017

Dimitrios, Rikke, Jesper and Mikael got their research work on provocation accepted at DIS 2017


Recently within HCI, design approaches have appeared, which deviate from the traditional ones. Among them critical design introduces deliberate provocations in order to challenge established perceptions and practices. We have engaged ourselves with this design approach out of interest in understanding how to use provocation in research through design. Towards this end, we report on a field study with four families that used an aesthetically, functionally and conceptually provocative future probe. The purpose of the probe was to challenge existing energy consuming practices through provocation and make its users reflect on them. The paper describes how all three provocative aspects were addressed, and our findings demonstrate how they were experienced in the real world, and how they impacted our research through design approach. We conclude by presenting reflections on how to design provocations, and reflections for the impact of provocations for research through design in general.

Raptis, D., Jensen, R.H., Kjeldskov, J., and Skov, M. 2017. Aesthetic, Functional and Conceptual Provocation in Research Through Design. In Proc. DIS 2017, (to appear).


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