Celebrating three years of MobileHCI Lasting Impact Awards

On Saturday 4. March we were joined by our old friend and colleague Connor Graham from Singapore National University for a one-off opportunity to celebrate three consecutive years of MobileHCH Lasting Impact Awards!

In 2013 the award went to Connor and Jesper for their 2003 paper on research methods. In 2014 it went to Mikael and Jesper for the “is it worth the hassle” paper from 2004 (it was). In 2015 the award went to Dimitrios for his 2005 paper on mobile museum guides. Together these three papers have almost 1000 citations.

For the first time all authors were together in the same place, so we brought out the bottle of 2003 Dom Perignon that has been kept in the cellar for this day since Mobile HCI in Munich in 2013.


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